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Toy Story 3: The Video Game Review

Movie licensed games are almost never good, with some of the most infamous games made being based off movies, such as E.T and Bebe's Kids. However, once in a blue moon, a good one comes out, having original concepts and creativity. Toy Story 3: The Video Game is one of those games. Heck, it was good enough to inspire that Disney Infinity game that's coming out.

Story-5/10- Being based on a pre-existing plot, the game tries to adapt it into an interactive perspective. However, this is where it falters, as it really doesn't follow the plot of the film all that well, sometimes for good, sometimes for bad. The plot follows Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Rex, Hamm, and Slinky Dog as they make they're way to SunnySide Daycare and meet Lotso Huggin Bear. Woody wants to go home because he has to go to college with his owner, but is sidetracked from that by having to save his friends from SunnySide because the place turns out to be evil.

That's just the basic plot outline of the movie and the game, but the game manages to cut things out still. Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head are nowhere to be seen and the villains only make brief cameo appearances in one level. Heck, some important characters like Chuckles the clown don't even appear at all!.

Gameplay-7/10- This is where the game shines. The game consists of 8 levels differing in length and difficulty. You can control Woody, Jessie, and Buzz, who all have different abilities. Woody can swing from hooks, Jessie can land on certain objects, and Buzz can throw things far. Speaking of throwing, that's one of the main mechanics. You can pick up and throw anything you want, from little people to even your friends. You also have a dash move that can break through stuff. The problem with the three playable characters is that you can only play as all three of them in 3 levels (Technically 4 if you stretch a bit), as the other levels either have you playing as one character with a new gimmick, or you're just playing with 2 characters.

However, the main game isn't what you will be playing. What you will be playing is the ToyBox mode, where you can explore, do missions, and just generally mess about. ToyBox mode throws in even more gimmicks, such as the pink and green Goo that shrinks things and makes them grow, cars that you can ride around in a stunt area, and several items you can get that do various things.

Throughout the ToyBox you can find little capsules that give you clothing that you can use to customize your townsfolk and paint so you can decorate your buildings. Certain missions actually require these items to be found. Speaking of the townsfolk, there are two types of them, these weird block people that are probably based on something, and the classic Toy Story aliens. Both types actually have costumes to wear that are exclusive to them.

Of course, like real toys, the only way to make your town more lively is to buy things. Each building usually has a brand new set of missions for you to do. Another thing you can buy are 3 "Expansion Packs" that let you go to brand new areas, such as Emperor Zurgs's Spaceport, Sid's Haunted House, and Lotso's Enchanted Grove. Each of these areas has an item you can get, a Blaster from the Spaceport, a Lightning Rod from the Haunted House, and a Magic Wand from the Enchanted Grove. To get the item though, you have to travel through a mini-level that teaches you how to use it.

Of course, it isn't easy taking care of a town, as Bandits will try to steal money from your back, and just generally be jerks. Each area also introduces a new enemy for you to fight with your new item. Zurgbots can only be beaten by the Blaster, Gargoyles can only be beaten by the Lightning Rod, and the stupid Pixies can only be beaten by the Magic Wand.

Each of the main levels has a group of cards hidden in them, and collecting all the cards in a set will give you a new toy to use in ToyBox mode. There's also special cards, Townsfolk, Aliens, Zurg pieces, and memorabilia to find too, which all give you interesting things to look at and do.

The problem with the gameplay is that it's just kind of a chore to play through the entire story mode, with some of them being too long and some being too short. Another problem is that you can only play as Buzz in the final level, which irks me the wrong way for some reason.

Graphics-5/10- I really don't have much to say about the graphics. They're okay. A lot of the problems I had with Lego Batman 2 happen here, weird triangular polygon spires, flickering, and just unimpressive modelling.

Overall-7/10- It's a fun game with only a few things stopping it from being excellent. If you want to have a fun while with a game, then go pick it up from the bargain bin or rental store. Don't buy it full price though, it isn't worth 60 bucks.

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