Monday, 31 March 2014

Crash Team Racing review

I'm back! This time we're doing another themed month, this time with 5 Crash Bandicoot games! We'll start with the last game made by Naughty Dog, Crash's original developers. Yes, it is a racing game, but it's considered on of the best racing games out there, and it probably is.

Story-6/10: Yes, a kart racing game with a story. Granted it isn't exactly the most amazing story, but having a story at all is a step up from most racing games. It's also suitably weird for a game about bandicoots racing as well.

One day in the Australian archipelago that Crash and his enemies live on, all of them get together for a racing competition, but are interrupted by a message from an alien who goes by the name Nitros Oxide. He tells the racers that he will turn the planet Earth into a parking lot if they don't play his game, Survival of the Fastest.