Sunday, 7 April 2013

Crash Tag Team Racing Review

In part two of Crash-A-Palooza we will be looking at the first ever Crash game made by Radical Entertainment. This game was a bold attempt to mix Platforming and Racing into a single game, did it work out? WELL I'M GONNA SHOW YA

Story-6/10- Crash, Coco, Crunch, Cortex, N. Gin, and Nina are in the middle of an intense car chase but wind up crashing in the middle of a racing based amusement park run by the German cyborg Von Clutch. It turns out that Von Clutch's amusement park is dying due to the Power Gems that run the place having been stolen. On top of that, Von Clutch's very own Black Power Gem, which powers his cyborg body, has gone missing. Von Clutch hires Crash and the gang to get them back and save his park.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Crash of the Titans Review

Poor Crash Bandicoot. Once a beloved Playstation icon, he slowly became just another platformer in a sea of them. This game tried to make Crash and his friends "hip" and "cool" to a modern audience. It's too bad that all the people who were interested in this game were Crash fans who wanted a classic Crash game. This game changed everything from the series and just made it... mediocre, making Crash fall further into obscurity.

Story-5/10- The story is ridiculously basic. Cortex, Crash's big headed arch-nemesis, kidnaps Crash's sister, Coco, freezes Crash's kinda-sorta brother, Crunch, in a block of ice. After the first world, Cortex gets replaced by his daught... er, niece, Nina. Crash then has to travel to different worlds to find Coco. That's basically it. Crash has to go to different worlds and try to find Coco. He goes to the lava level and beats Tiny Tiger, who tells him to go to N. Gin's base, N. Gin then tells Crash that Uka Uka might have Coco, so he goes there and then Uka Uka then tells Crash where Nina is and then he goes to her base and rescues Coco. It's basically Super Mario Brothers with bandicoots.