Saturday, 26 January 2013

A Look At The Bizarre Denizens Of Ooo PART 3

Today we wander into a scary dark forest, into Mt. Cragdor, and do some Business.

 The Wall of Flesh is something that really got me into the series, mainly because it's weird, unexplainable, and a really cool idea. It's not really a wall though, more like an amorphous blob

.The Crystal Guardian here is actually one of a race of crystal people that live inside the crystal dimension. I guess he wasn't that smart or likeable and they sent him to guard the Crystal Apple.

The Snake Armed Ruby Brain Beast is another thing that made me like Adventure Time, for the same reason as the Wall of Flesh. Here's a question, what exactly are it's "Eyes"? The certainly aren't rubies, or snakes. Or brains.

Once again, another monster I love from the Tree Trunks episode. It's such a bizarre concept. How is it alive? Is it magical, or is it another thing created by the nuclear fallout? No one will ever know, because the people who came up with it never thought about it as much as I do.

Whatever this thing is, it isn't a regular Butterfly. The odd thing is, these Skeletal variants are exclusive to the Evil Dark Forest, as we see regular (Well, as regular as you can get) Butterflies in later episodes.

The Dark Magician isn't from a children's card game or an Anime. He is voiced by Mark Hamill though, so that makes him cooler then all of Yu-Gi-Oh.

 Mannish Man is the manliest Minotaur around. He's so manly that his abs flex when he flexes. He's also a generally nice guy who guards The Enchiridion.

Punchy is cooler then you or me combined. He is as cool as he is because he is also voiced by Mark Hamill. One has to wonder what happens when his punch is drained, though.

Gnomes are jerks who plead for your help and then blow up your grandma as a reward. Of course, that grandma is probably an illusion they made up. Jerks.

The Ogre likes to eat people. He also has some really big money and a very weak stomach. He is, in general, not very interesting.

And here's another inexplicable monster. A heart with tentacles and an electro-hand bursting out of it. I like his 5th Doctor scarf. I didn't know heart beasts could be Doctor Who fans.

I have no idea who this guy is or what kind of candy he is made from. All I know is that he likes the maracas and has a horse on his head. Why do you have a horse on your head

Get out of here banana you are not a candy

Seriously get out and take that pineapple guy with you. He's weirding everyone out.

Like they say, the raisin is nature's candy. It's too bad he's really gross looking.
A Business Man likes to do business. They apparently have battle axes and knight armor in their business plans, so good for them.

Flambo is definitely in my top ten Adventure Time characters. He has a Brooklyn accent and is voiced by Tom Kenny, so that instantly makes him awesome.

While not as weird as the Sign Zombies or the Heart Beast, the Swamp Giant is still pretty weird, what with it's multiple dangling limbs and Satyr legs.

The Fuzzy Friends remind me of that animation with the banana and the spoon. It was pretty big a long time ago.

Next time, more weird stuff, like Science Cat and the best dragon ever.

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