Friday, 15 February 2013

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Review

Spider-Man is really the only Marvel character I care and know a lot about. He's just one of the more likable Marvel characters. He also has the second best rogues gallery , right next to Batman. But enough about me liking Spidey, it's reviewing time!

Story-7/10- The game starts with Amazing Spidey stopping Mysterio (AKA The best Spider-Man villain) from robbing a museum. In the process, Spidey breaks an ancient stone tablet that keeps the dimensions in balance or something. Madame Web, Spidey's mentor or something I guess, tells him he done screwed up and that he needs to get the pieces back. Madame Web also gains access to the alternate versions of Spidey from alternate dimensions to help gather the pieces.

These alternate Spidey's include: Noir universe Spider-Man, a vigilante who isn't afraid to punch someone in the face, 2099 Spider-Man, who may actually be from the future and not an alternate dimension, and finally Ultimate universe Spider-Man, who's a more "hip" version of Amazing Spider-Man.

The game has some superb voice acting, coming from the likes of Steven Blum, David Kaye, John DiMaggio, and Nolan North. The dialog between each version of Spidey and his foes are excellent, and can be really funny most of the times. One big disappointment with the story is that the four Spider-Men don't interact with each other until the very end.

Gameplay-6/10- The game consists of 13 levels, each of them starring a different Spidey villain, like The Green Goblin and The Vulture. It's also split into 3 "acts", each with 4 levels in them, one for each Spider-Man. The game plays like a half-platformer-half-beat-em-up. You can do everything Spidey can normally do, like swing from his webs, punch people, climb walls, punch people, and use Spider Sense. Did I mention punching people?

The game mostly consists of beating up varrying amounts of bad guys and occasionally doing a platforming puzzle. There are a wide variety of combos you can pull off to beat people up even harder, but you'll just end up mashing the attack buttons a lot. Combat is sadly the most uninteresting thing in the game, but it's still fun enough to keep you interested.

But you don't just have those combos, you have to earn them! In each level there are 15 challenges to do, these vary from beating up a certain amount of bad guys, to clearing an area in a certain amount of time. Completing the challenges unlock things like new attacks and health upgrades to make your Spider-Man less awful.

Each Spider-Man also has a different form of gameplay. Amazing Spidey is the blandest and the worst one to play as. He has no gimmicks, it's just punch punch punch over and over again. Noir Spidey is my favorite. He plays a lot like Batman in Arkham Asylum, staying in the shadows and taking people out from behind. 2099 Spidey focuses more on the combat, being a fast hitter. He also has this time slowing ability that isn't really useful. Ultimate Spidey is my second favorite, as he has this kick-ass rage meter that let's him go super and beat up a whole bunch of enemies. The Ultimate levels make great use of this, having at least 20 or 30 enemies swarming you.

The boss fights are also awesome. Each level has at least two boss fights in it, one with the regular villain, and then another with a super-powered up villain. Kraven The Hunter gets super speed, HammerHead gets his guns fused to his arms, Deadpool splits into three clones, and Hobgoblin gets super telekinetic abilities.

Graphics-8/10- Finally, a game where I can talk about the graphics! Each Spider-Man has a different graphical style to them, making them very unique to look at.

Amazing Spidey looks just like an old comic book, being half cel-shaded and half "realistic". Noir Spidey has a more gritty, realistic feel to it, making it pretty creepy in some places. 2099 has a super future space look, with flying cars and futuristic cities. Ultimate has a very cel-shaded look and is my overall favorite.

Overall-8/10-This game is a must get for Spider-Man fans. A thing to note is that characters like Venom don't appear in it, which might be a good thing. But anyway, get it if you like Spider-Man and/or like 3D Beat-Em-Ups. Excelsior!

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