Tuesday, 10 July 2012

A Look At The Bizarre Denizens of Ooo: PART 1

Adventure Time is one of the best cartoons ever made, mostly for the weird and wonderful characters filling the shows strange lands. From candy people to hellish demons, all of them cleverly designed. For the next long while I will be looking at all of the minor characters of the show, starting with the candy people, the residents of the town that the main character Finn protects.

 We will start with Starchy, the grave keeper/janitor/zombie bait of the Candy Kingdom. He's got a sweet mustache and I nice hat. I think he's a gumball, but I don't know.

Though not technically a candy, Chocoberry is a strawberry covered in chocolate, which is really the only way to eat strawberries in my opinion.

Taffy Girl is some weird horse person thing covered in taffy, or maybe she is made of taffy.

Cinnamon Bun is a disgusting idiot who has actually had the odd speaking role, and is presumably a friend of Finn and Jake.

Chet is a weird, cowardly nut thing with chocolate on his head. He seems like the kind of guy who goes to parties and just sits down and sulks a lot.

Mr. Cupcake is a physically fit cupcake man with a chocolate body and white icing. He likes flexing, long walks on the beach, and female beings that don't want to eat him.

Green Gumdrop Guy/Dude is a small green gumdrop man. He likes to go on trains and get pretend murdered.

The Banana Guards are the main security force of the Candy Kingdom, but they really don't like to fight. I like their Popsicle stick legs.

Mr. Candy Cane is a very upside down fellow, wearing upside down hats and sees everything upside down, and needs upside down glasses.  

Gumdrop Lass #1 is very pink  and very nerdy looking. She is best friends with...

Gumdrop Lass #2. She is very blue and has a blue bow. She hangs with Finn, Jake, and the Ice King during the winter times.

Peppermint Butler is Princess Bubblegum's faithful servant. He has some strange connection to cults and is friends with Death.

The Marshmallow Kids come in four different varieties, regular, on fire, burnt, and gooey.

Grape Popsicle Guy is very uninteresting, except for his Popsicle stick legs.

Lollipop Girl is probably the most humanoid candy person. She loves Ice Cream Guy.

Sugar Cube has multiple faces and wears cowboy attire. He loves Purple Candy Guava Lady.

Gingerbread Pen is a gingerbread caricature of Adventure Time's creator Pendleton Ward!

Gingerbread Pat is a gingerbread caricature of Adventure Times story boarder Patrick McHale!

Gingerbread Muto is a gingerbread caricature of Adventure Time writer Adam Muto! He can be seen during the opening.

The Guardians of the Royal Promise are giant gumball machines that surround the Candy Kingdom, protecting it from danger. Or at least trying to.

Mr. Cream Puff was a formerly deceased candy person who was brought back to life by Princess Bubblegum. He dated her at one point or another.

Candy Heart has a cheeky joke on him. He was also turned into a zombie two times.

Jam Jam got his toy stolen once. He was also a zombie at one point in time.

Candy Corn Grandma was dead and then she came back, making her grand-kids very happy.

 Ice Cream Lady was a zombie one time. What are her legs, grape flavored? Ewww.

Uncle Chewy was a zombie a while ago. He got better. But who is he uncle to?

Manfried the Talking Pinata is lookout for the main room of the Candy Palace. He doesn't like being beaten with sticks.

And that's that! All of the friendly citizens of the Candy Kingdom. Tune in next time for zombies and other ghouls!

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