Tuesday, 31 July 2012

A Look at the Bizarre Denizens of Ooo Part 2

In this installment we look at some zombies, some princesses, and some other things.

This melty candy bar zombie is pretty neat, with his side and arm missing, and his covered eyes.
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This guy is pretty bland, except for his apple cranium, plus the stick coming out from it. He also has a bite taken from him.

This cotton candy zombie is the only zombie with two eye colors! Aside from that he just looks like bad cotton candy.

This is the Lumpy Space King, father, and mother, of Lumpy Space Princess. Apparently Lumpy Space people fuse together when they marry. They got a newer, less ugly design for a latter episode, which I don't like that much.

Melissa is Lumpy Space Princesses 66th best friend, she dates Chad, LSP's ex-boyfriend. All of the female Lumpy Space people talk like valley girls for some strange reason.

Chad is LSP's ex-boyfriend and Melissa's current boyfriend. He is, surprisingly, not very lumpy.

 Glasses is one of the three smooth posers that hold the antidote to lumpyness. He is probably a nerd who plays DnD.

Lenny is one of the three smooth posers who hold the antidote to lumpyness. He is very fat, and his smooth mode has a big head.

Monty is like the other two up there. He is the spindly one with a bad haircut, and is even uglier when in his smooth form.

This lumpy dude is pretty generic, he's not even that lumpy, he's just very fat and blue

This guy is the least lumpiest lumper I've ever seen.

This guy is pretty cool, with the four flaps above his head. Must be heavy, though.

This guy has a most awesome haircut. He also looks like he doesn't care about anyone or anything. Exactly like a teenager.

This guy's got HAIR! How did he do that!? Too bad it's the most dorky haircut ever.

This one's got a ridiculous quiff coming out from his head. The perspective on this is all kinds of messed up. Is his hair coming from one side of his head only?
My favorite lumpy person, this ones got it's butt and it's head mixed up! Must be pretty hard to eat like that.

Emerald Princess is very green, and doesn't really talk much. Maybe she rules over the Emerald City ha ha!

Ghost Princess is dead. Who killed her? Who knows. She has to figure out who she was before her death to transcend to the 50th Dead World.

Hot Dog Princess rules over the tiny Hot Dog Kingdom, a small dog pen. She smells like old hot dog water.

Raggedy Princess is made from old sacks, socks, broken glass, and other worn out objects. She probably rules over Junk Kingdom.

Slime Princess is all slimy, but she's still cute. She really likes Finn. And maybe Crocodiles.

Wildberry Princess rules over the Wildberry Kingdom, where she makes meat pies out of animalslike how we make pies out of berries. Sweet revenge.

The Iceclops is indigenous to the Ice Kingdom, where they spend all day attacking intruders and playing in the snow. Too bad their not good at attacking intruders.

Snow Golems are made of snow and like hanging out with Iceclops. They like to eat pears and stay away from Fire Wolves, their predators. Unless something happens...

Penguins are the main minions of the Ice King, who calls the one nearest to him "Gunter". Wenk.

The Cosmic Owl is a being that predicts when a person will die, appearing to them in a symbolic "Croak Dream". He also appears in dreams to tell people that they are sociopaths.

These snow monsters were made hastily by the Ice King to get petty revenge against Finn and Jake. My favorites are the four armed one and the weird horse one.

Tune in next time for more monsters, more candy, and some old ladies!

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