Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Review

I love the Lego games. They take my two of my favorite things, collecting shiny objects and slapstick humor, and make games based around them. This game takes a different spin on that, though.

Story-8/10- The basic plot is that Lex Luthor and The Joker team up, make a giant Joker robot that can spray mind control gas, and mind control the whole of the USA. Batman and Superman learn of this, and go to stop them.

As this is the first Lego game to have voice acting, they throw in witty dialogue and pretty great voice acting, my favorite being The Penguin. It also has lots of references to the comic books, with a reference to the obscure Kite-Man, and Batman having a supply of Kryptonite in case Superman turns evil.

                                                                 Proof I didn't make up Kite-Man

Graphics-6/10-The Lego games try to blend two different styles together, interactive parts are portrayed as Lego parts, while the levels themselves are detailed and semi-realistic. The graphics are incredibly buggy in the over-world, with interactive parts not appearing and huge polygonal spikes sometimes appearing in the sky. Each character has a different animation for the things they can do, and all of the levels are very detailed, but overall, the graphics are just "okay".

Gameplay-9/10- The gameplay can simply be described as "Puzzle-Platformer" with each of the 15 levels having various puzzles to solve with the many different abilities at your disposal. Over those 15 levels you play as Batman, Robin, Superman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Cyborg, and Wonder Woman, each with different abilities they can use.

Batman and Robin have the most, with each having 4 suits they can wear. Batman has the Sensor Suit, which can turn invisible, the Power Suit, which can shoot bombs and pull heavy objects, the Bat Suit, which can break glass and have a redundant name, and the Electricity Suit, which is immune to electricity. Robin has the Acrobat Suit, which can swing from poles, the Magnetic Suit, which can walk up magnetic walls, the Ice Suit, which freeze things, and the Hazard Suit, which can spray different types of liquid.

Superman has his own abilities too, he can fly anywhere, pull heavy objects, has X-ray vision, can melt gold with his heat rays, and freeze breath. Superman is also completely invincible, with absolutely no way to die at all. Due to his flying power, Superman is the best for traveling the over-world. AND SPEAKING OF

Gotham City makes up the over world for this game, with it being separated into three different islands, each with lots of secrets to find. Secrets such as extra boss fights, hidden characters, hidden vehicles to ride around in, Gold Bricks, which require solving puzzles to find, endangered citizens in need of saving, Red Bricks, which unlock extra things, and money, lots and lots of money.

You can also find secrets in the levels, most of which you can't get without said secret characters. In them you have to find ten "Minikit Canisters", which unlock tiny vehicles you can ride. Endangered citizens can also be found in the levels.

Overall-9/10- Lego Batman 2 is a fantastic game with tons of things to do and see, you probably would never run out of things to do with the over-world, and the levels are worth playing over and over again. Overall, Lego Batman 2 is the best Superman game.

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