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10 Characters I Want In Smash Bros. 4 (And 5 I Don't)

Super Smash Bros. 4 was announced awhile ago, and quite a few new  characters have already been announced, leading to about 100,000,000 predictions., especially with the announcement of fan favorite Mega Man. I've decided to jump on the band wagon, but add a few characters I really don't want in the game. So let's start. This isn't going in any order, just the characters I particularly want.


Pac-Man is the classic character everyone should know. He's been around since video games became popular, and isn't going away anytime soon, with a new cartoon currently airing, which is actually pretty good, I'd recommend watching it, and a new video game based on the cartoon coming out. Since Namco-Bandai are working on SSB4, it would only make sense for them to put him in. They'd probably have to take some moves from the Pac-Man World games to make up his move set, or they could use the his new transformation powers from the new game/cartoon to make him more unique.

Chances of getting in: 9/10

Donkey Kong's long time nemesis, the enigmatic King K. Rool. He's been a king, a pirate, a mad scientist, and a boxer at several points through the Donkey Kong Country series. His diverse attire and abilities makes the move set potential very good for him. He hasn't shown up in the last few DKC games, so that lowers his chances of getting in a bit, but there's still a pretty good chance of him getting in. He's also a very good singer.

Chances of getting in: 8/10


No, not the Mewtwo you're thinking of, but specifically his new Awakened Forme (Or mega form), which is a big deal for the new Pokemon games, so it would make sense to put him in. Another reason to put him in would be to replace Lucario, who replaced the original Mewtwo in Brawl. People really want Mewtwo back too, and he was considered one of the worst characters in Melee. Considering that Pokemon learn at least up to 100 moves, this gives Mewtwo a lot of potential.

Chance of getting in: 8/10

7: Rayman

 If you've been following me, you probably know that I like Rayman. This limbless hero has had varying levels of popularity. Due to the combat mechanics in Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends, Rayman manages to have a perfect standard move set for Smash Bros. Rayman has also had a large variety of special abilities, giving him a good special move set too. One of the reasons why I think Rayman might be in the game is that Rayman Legends was originally a Wii U exclusive game. However, since the game is now on multiple consoles, it lowers his chances a bit.

Chances of getting in: 7/10

 Little Mac is the main character of the classic NES boxing game, Mike Tyson's Punch Out, and it's Wii sequel. Despite his opponents being twice as tall as him, he can still manage to take them down, making him perfectly viable for fighting Bowser. He also fought Donkey Kong, so he's pretty prepared for a Smash Bros showdown. His standard moves could end up being very simple to make, considering he's a boxer, and he can net some special moves too if he takes some things from Fighter Kirby, like the rising uppercut move. He was also one of the three rumored characters that were hovering around at E3 time, and one of the new stages is pretty much a boxing arena from the Wii game, so that makes him even more credible.

Chances of getting in: 9/10


Ridley, like Mega Man, was one of the most requested characters for Brawl. He was probably the most requested simply to give the Metroid series another slot, which isn't a bad thing mind you. Ridley has a long history, appearing in almost every Metroid game to date, the only exception was Metroid Prime 2. With that many games and fights to choose from, his moveset would be a breeze to make. Considering that Mega Man was included to simply satisfy fan requests, it wouldn't be a surprise to see Ridley get in. Sakurai allegedly stated that Ridley was "too big" to be a playable character in Brawl, which sparked a new internet meme. Of course, the real reason Ridley wasn't a playable character was because he was a boss in the story mode.

Chances of getting in: 9/10

This might seem like an odd choice, considering that Ganondorf, who is the same character, is already a playable character, and Ganon appears as his Final Smash in Brawl, but hear me out. Ganon himself has appeared in more games that his humanoid form, and is arguably more recognized, and with a bit more variety to his name. Despite being a giant pig, Ganon is a master wizard, and can control lightning and darkness, which Ganondorf, who also had these abilities, hasn't really ever used in the Smash Bros series. Ganon has had many appearances over the years, appearing as a giant four legged lion-boar, and a giant knife wielding shadow demon, but I want the big blue boar in specifically.

Chances of getting in: 7/10

Smash Bros is made by Masahiro Sakurai, who also created the popular Kirby franchise. Brawl had a total of 3 Kirby characters, all three of which became playable in Kirby's Return to Dreamland. But a fourth character was added as well, the strangely popular bandana wearing Waddle Dee who carries a spear. The character is almost completely tailor made for Smash Bros, with most of the special moves being easily lifted from RTD. As I said before, Sakurai made both Smash Bros and Kirby, making his inclusion incredibly likely.

Chances of getting in: 9/10

Paper Mario has become one of the most popular of Nintendo's handful of RPG titles. He has a few things that make him significantly different from regular Mario, making his moveset potential very good, with things like his hammer and his multitude of partners to help him out. With four games to his name he has quite the big chance to get in. However, the latest game's... mixed reception might have lowered his chances a bit. Only a little bit.

Chances of getting in: 8/10


Waluigi is only on here for one reason: personal bias. Waluigi is one of my favorite Mario characters, but is either hated or loved depending on who you talk to. But surprisingly, Waluigi does have a good chance of getting in, as he is still one of the most highly requested characters, and appeared as an assist character in Brawl. Heck, someone even made a hacked Brawl moveset for him! His moveset could be based around the many sports games he's appeared in, which would make him one of the most unique and varied characters in Smash Bros history.

Chances of getting in: 8/10

Now for the characters I don't want. These are ones that people have mainly been guessing.

5: MII
The Mii is Nintendo's online avatar. That's it. There have been only a few games focusing around the Miis, most of them being mini-game or sports collections, both of which Waluigi could do with far more personality. They could, of course, be customizable, but the problem with that is how the customization would affect the rest of the game. It's simply too complicated and would ruin the balance of the game. Sadly, these guys were rumored to be at the E3 reveal, making them more likely.

Chances of getting in: 8/10

Like Waluigi, Bowser Jr is on this part of the list due to personal bias. I hate him for one reason: he replaced the fan favorite Koopaling characters as Bowser's child. His moveset ptential isn't even that bad, as his magic paintbrush could add some interesting mechanics to the game, but I don't him in either way. However, Shigeru Miyamoto seems to love the little turd face, as he's appeared in every major Mario game since New Super Mario Bros, and even made an appearance as a secret boss in the latest Mario & Luigi game. So considering that, he has a disappointingly large chance of making the roster.

Chances of getting in: 9/10

UGH. Birdo is one of the more peculiar predictions for the game. Birdo is a minor character in the Mario series, and only making a significant appearance in Super Mario Bros 2. After that game she was brought back because they needed a partner for Yoshi in some of Mario Sports games. She has no unique moves beyond shooting eggs out of her freakish maw, and would basically be a carbon copy of Yoshi. Even stranger, people seem to believe she would be filed under the Yoshi category of characters, despite not ever appearing in a Yoshi game. She is also a transvestite.

Chances of getting in: 3/10

Zoroark was an attempt to recapture the strange and undeserved popularity of Lucario, one of my least favorite Pokemon ever. It failed spectacularly, as it seems that Lucario's popularity was a type of lightning in a bottle that couldn't be made again. Lucario has a half decent movie and a massive amount of fans to his name, while Zoroark has one of the better movies, and is the only other Pokemon besides Ditto that can transform. Zoroark was mainly guessed for Smash Bros 4 due to the fact that it was like Lucario, but recently, it seems that this has gone down significantly.

Chances of getting in: 5/10

This is a thing people apparently want. Reggie Fils-Aime is the president of Nintendo of America, making him a big deal company wise, but he has never been in a game. Ever. The only reason people want him in is because he's made a couple internet memes, which amounts to nothing. He has nothing to base on for Smash Bros, he is a guy in the real world, and nothing will ever get him into Smash Bros. Surprisingly, Reggie responded to the the petition, saying that he'd only be in it if Sakurai would want him to be in it. Which he won't.

Chances of getting in: 1/10

That's all for now. I had some fun making this, but it took a long time to write and several things have changed chances and little details I wrote, but it doesn't change much, really. I might do some more character look at things later too.

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