Tuesday, 5 March 2013

A Look at the Bizarre Denizens of Ooo Part 4

Hey what this has nothing to do with Bionicle, what gives? Not much, I just couldn't find any good pictures of Bionicle figures. My Xbox red ring'd so the review I was writing is cancelled, so I decided to crank out another Adventure Time article at the last minute. HOORAY FOR LAZYNESS

Science Cat shows up around 4:00 PM everyday at Finn and Jake's tree house. He gets his head chopped off at 5:00 PM, which he regrows the next day, presumably with science. He is friends with Shark.

Shark here also shows up 4:00 PM with Science Cat. Unlike Science Cat, Shark carries a big sword that he uses. He can also regrow his head, probably with Science Cat's help.

The Lake Knights guard untold treasures at the bottom of a lake. There's like a thousand of them, and they won't give up they're treasure. Also they have fish lightsabers.

Cloud People party all the time. They really don't know much else, but they're friendly if you don't interrupt them.

Tiffany is a jerk. Look at the prepubescent mustache, and his stupid long hair. He's apparently going to show up in season 5, but as of this writing, he has not shown up.

The marauders like to rough house. In fact, they like to rough house so much, it upsets a lot of people, like mountains. This is the head marauder, and he's the only one that gets lines.

This is another marauder. This one has cybernetic implants, proving that the marauders aren't exactly human.

This is another cybernetic marauder. He's kinda creepy lookin', what with his big mech hand, and his off-center eye.

Whoa did i just get sLippEd SOme DruGs woooo

Mountain Man doesn't like rough housing. In fact, it makes him cry. He cries boulders by the way, so that's not a good thing. He also has a nice back.

Mountain Woman likes Mountain Man's back. This causes problems in Finn's plan to turn him around to keep him from seeing the rough housing.

Well. There are many things odd in this picture, first is the fact that the Squid Bartender is crushing itself to squeeze it's ink out, and second is the fact that it is turning the mechanism that crushes itself, and third is the HOLY SHIT EAGLE HEAD

Everything in The Land of Ooo is alive. Have you realized that yet? He doesn't like rough housing either, but he doesn't like it because of the noise it makes.

OH MY GOD LOOK AT THIS GUY. This is a dragon, by the way. His disturbingly organic back wings, his weird air sack things, and his BUTT. This probably the best dragon I have ever seen.

Adventure Time REALLY stretches the term "Kids Show". This is one of those things that makes it such a good show. But anyway, the Naked Wizard is naked, but considers wearing a hat as being "Not naked".

This Toad likes plums. It's too bad that the Electroids stole his.

The Electroids like triangles. Too bad that the Toad stole theirs.

The Reaper likes to give stuff for free. They usually aren't good things, but hey, they're free!

The Giant Goldfish is a really big fish. They're pretty easy to ride, and oh god whats up with it's eyes

Bees are bees. They look like bees, they fly like bees, and they buzz like bees. But they can spew honey out of their mouths, so they aren't exactly like bees.

The Giant Duck isn't a big duck. It kinda looks like one, but it looks like it's made of stone and and has no wings.

The King Worm likes being hugged. He rules over the other worms and has mind control power. His random appearance at the end of an episode left some confusion with fans, but the episode "King Worm" explained some things in a rather disturbing manner. We'll get back to him in a while.

I think I'll end this here. Next time, thieves, mermaids, and robots. And don't worry, I'll be back next week with a new video game review.

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